Some Perspective On When and How to Buy Your Power

A Message from The Energizer® Power Portal Customer Service Team

Are the current rates on the Energizer® Power Portal higher than you are currently paying? Often this happens when a customer has a bill from a prior period, or is coming off of an older prior agreement. Both natural gas and electricity are commodities whose pricing fluctuates on a daily basis. Typically, the winter months see an increase in cost per kwh and cost per therm for the energy.

So what can you do?

Our pricing changes daily, and market forces (most notably weather) greatly impacts the available pricing from the various suppliers. So, if you have decent pricing, consider remaining in that situation and returning to this platform to check available pricing often. If your pricing is poor, you may want to lock in a fixed rate, and review your rate in the “shoulder months” of the spring. Perhaps a short term 6-month agreement would be advantageous today then a long-term lock of a low rate in the warmer months?

We are here to help. Please call us at (800)-853-1412 to discuss