Features & Benefits of Reverse Auctions

The Energizer® Reverse Auction Platform motivates suppliers to provide the lowest price, as they compete to outbid the competition. This unique format helps to reduce the amount of time suppliers can hold their bids open, helping to reduce the supplier risk premiums embedded in the price, resulting in lower bids.
Our goal is to simplify the detailed and nuanced energy markets across the country to help customers get the energy they need at the lowest available rates, from the best suppliers while consuming energy in the most efficient manner. Simply put, we deliver results by focusing on the price you pay, the quantity you use, and when and how you use it. The platform takes an in-depth approach to studying market conditions specific to your facility locations allowing us to help companies solidify a purchasing strategy based on tolerance for risk, budgetary needs, and market outlook.

  • Completely private, safe and secure auction platform
  • Only pre-qualified and vetted, leading energy suppliers can participate
  • Complete transparency allows consumers to see who bid, how much, and at what time
  • Offers a quick, effective, and convenient method to maximize cost-savings while processing energy
  • We provide the only true last look pricing technology

Large Commercial and Industrial

The Energizer® Power Portal offers integrated energy solutions tailored to commercial, industrial, government and institutional facilities across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our team is comprised of industry leaders with over two decades of experience in deregulated electricity and natural gas markets.

Retail Energy

The Energizer® Power Portal optimizes the energy procurement process. We deliver results by focusing on the price you pay, the quantity you use, and when and how you use it. We serve as an unbiased and supplier neutral advocate, empowering you to obtain the best price and contract terms in the market. We save you valuable time while giving you the confidence to make the best decision for your company. The Energizer® Power Portal advisory team provides critical market insight to help your company navigate through the ever-changing energy markets.

Wholesale Energy

Wholesale energy markets move fast. The power portal provides a simple solution that allows utilities to transact at the speed of light. Our technology is designed with your existing process in mind and completely customizable for your specific needs. Our process will give your bidders confidence the transaction will be confirmed in a matter of minutes which equates to minimized risk premiums and the best possible prices for your ratepayers.