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About Energizer Power Portal

Our goal at the Energizer® Power Portal is to provide an agnostic, all-inclusive consumer platform, focused on educating the customer, while providing power options to make the home and business a more intelligent one.

With this in mind, we hope to empower consumers to make cost-effective energy decisions with our innovative and emerging power platform. Beyond bringing affordable power to consumers, our real goal is to offer the resources necessary for you to enjoy and accomplish more than you ever expected.

In this regard – we have scrubbed the retail energy market (on your behalf) to provide the highest quality retail providers of natural gas and electricity at the best possible rates. Our standards are unwavering, and we remain laser focused on ensuring our customers are provided the best power options from the best power companies at the best prices.

Note: We are adding additional suppliers to our program every week after a rigorous review. Please check back often as our geographic footprint is continually growing.

Why Become a Broker with Energizer® Power Portal


One of the Largest Residential and Commercial Energy Brokerage Platforms in the United Sates…all backed by Energizer®


  • More Suppliers
  • More Markets
  • All Licenses

Brand Recognition

Partnering with Energizer®, we have the software and tools to provide first in class support to you as a broker and unlimited opportunity for you to row. Our market monitoring lets you beat the competition by providing your clients with proprietary pricing data. We have designed a Turn Key eCommerce website to allow you and the customer to easily complete energy transactions online.

Resources and Benefits

Industry Leader Name – Accessible and Easy to Get Resources

Grow your business with access to the Energizer® Power Portal where you can broker energy in all deregulated states with an agnostic view on suppliers.


  • Access to tons of Electric and Natural Gas suppliers
  • Close deals in all deregulated markets
  • Leverage the brand name Energizer®
  • Competitive commissions and great technical support

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